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Kids Class (ages 3-5)

Our kid's ballet class is prefect for introducing your 3-5 year old to the world of dance. They will develop coordination, balance and flexibility and  and learn  to identify the beat to music. They will also learn the basic ballet positions, terminology and the stories of classical ballets 

Beginner II (ages 6-8)

Our big kid's class is designed to strengthen the skills that children 6-8 years old are developing. Your child will continue to build on the skills taught in the previous class and apply these skills to more difficult steps. 

Beginner III

In the beginner III  class your child will learn the  terminology, basic positions, placement, posture, flexibility, and musicality. This class will help prepare the dancer for the Intermediate level (2 classes per week is recommended). 


 Ages for this class vary, depending on experience. Your child will begin to put steps together at this stage, begin to learn pirouettes and traveling steps. (2-3 classes per week recommended for this level).

Stretch and Pirouette

The Stretch and Pirouette class is an intermediate level class. The emphasis is on flexibility and building strength for extension (lifting the legs up in the air and holding). Also, we begin working on pirouettes in the center and apply it to traveling turns.

Pre-Advanced and Advanced

 Ages vary, depending on ability. This is for students that have had a minimum of 3 years of ballet classes. Teacher recommendation is needed for this level. 

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Adagio is a partnering class; your child will learn pas de deux work from famous classical ballets along with learning about famous dancers and choreography. Girls must be taking a minimum of 4 hours per week to be eligible for this class and there are a limited number of students per class. This class is by invitation only.  

Stretch and Strengthen

 This class is for Intermediate-Advanced level Students. This class will focus on building the strength and conditioning that dancers need to reach a higher level of ability. The focus will be on students weaker areas (turn-out, extension, abdominal strength etc.)


Your child will learn a variation from a well-known ballet, the story and history of the ballet, along with viewing famous dancers that have danced the role. Students will learn a new variation each month performing at the end of the month for parents and other students wishing to come and view. This is great for both students participating as they improve upon their skills of dancing in front of an audience, and for younger students in the studio to come learn about their art form. (Minimum of 3 technique classes per week to take this class). 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. Please speak with Rena. 

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